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Associated Student Body (ASB)

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Associated Student Body, the representative student government of Damien High School, is a group of dedicated student leaders who seek to create a healthy, active, spiritual, and spirited high school experience for all members of the Damien community.


By planning and executing school-centered activities such as rallies, dances, house competitions, and school service projects, ASB provides opportunities for all Spartans to grow spiritually and socially. ASB also assists the Principal and Faculty by working events such as Open House, Back to School Night, Graduation, and the Academic Award Ceremony.

ASB Councils



The Executive Council is comprised of the ASB President, ASB Vice President Sargent of Arms, ASB Vice President of Treasury, ASB Vice President of Public Relations, and ASB Vice President of Spirit and Clubs.



The House Council is comprised of House President, House Vice-Presidents, and Homeroom Captains.


Together, the Councils help plan and execute school events.


Faculty and Staff provide support to ASB in the following roles: ASB Advisor, Activities Directors, House Deans, and House Homeroom Mentors.



Students looking to become members of ASB must be dedicated to the aforementioned ideas. The members of ASB are exemplarily Spartans whose service, enthusiasm, school spirit, and participation provides a positive role model for all Damien students. Their desire to enhance the student body’s experiences at Damien motivates their actions. Through careful planning with the guidance of faculty advisors, ASB intends to create a wide-range list of events and activities that are engaging and speak to the diversity of the student body. ASB’s commitment for excellence helps ensure the events and activities are successful.

Josh Truax, ASB Coordinator |
909.596.1946 ext. 890